01. I had to cut down on my coffee [intake] because I was having trouble sleeping at night.
02. You simply have to reduce your [intake] of fat if you don't want to have another heart attack.
03. An excessive [intake] of alcohol can cause a variety of health problems.
04. A mix of gas and air is drawn into the engine cylinder on the [intake] stroke.
05. A pregnant woman must increase her [intake] of almost all nutrients to ensure the healthy development of her baby.
06. You generally put on weight when your [intake] of food exceeds your output of energy.
07. Holmes heard a sharp [intake] of breath when he walked into the room and faced the woman who thought she had killed him.
08. The firefly's yellow glow is a product of their protein [intake], and is used as a form of communication.
09. The English language program at this school has continuous [intake] so we get new students in the class almost every week.
10. During cold weather, up to 90% of a person's energy [intake] is used to keep the body warm.
11. Recent studies suggest that between 15-20% of Americans' daily caloric [intake] takes the form of snack foods.
12. Americans generally have an [intake] of about 400 grams of sugar per week.
13. Studies of the yearly [intake] of prisoners in U.S. jails show that the majority of prisoners have been in jail before.
14. The child's protein [intake] is inadequate and he is not growing properly as a result.
15. It is important for people with diarrhea to keep up their fluid [intake] in order to avoid becoming dehydrated.
16. Discussion question: Should the government outlaw all alcohol intake for pregnant women in order to protect the health of the unborn child?

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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